Team Registration Process

January 31st - March 8th 2020 23:59: Team Registration

    • There are 16 team participation slots available at Beast of the East.
    • Three of these slots are reserved for the home teams from Montreal Roller Derby.
    • The remaining slots will be randomly drawn between the teams that registered to participate in the random draw.
    • Registration steps for all teams (including invited teams):
      • Submit your information
      • The registration fee is $375.00. Payment for registration must be made by eTransfer to You may use Paypal only if eTransfer is not possible. Please add [Beast 2020] + your league name + Team name in the notes section.
      • Once those steps are completed, the team's name will appear on the Team Registration page within 48 hours.
    • Upon registration, teams are divided into categories for the random draw:
      • Category 1: Home teams that have proven that their focus is intra-league play.
      • Category 2: Teams that are often referred to as home teams, but do a significant amount of inter-league play. A minimal amount of intra-league play is required.
      • Category 3: Travel teams and teams from leagues that have only one team. These are the teams that play a lot of inter-league and some travel, and do not qualify as home teams in the traditional sense.
    • Priority may be given to leagues who are two years old or more, depending on the number of registrants.
    • Leagues with multiple home teams run the risk of having only some of their teams win the draw, depending on the number of registrants.
    • If a team doesn't win a participation slot in the draw, their registration fee will be reimbursed.

March 9th 2020: Participation Slots Random Draw

    • All fully registered teams are entered into a random draw:
      • There will be a first draw with all Category-1 and Category-2 teams. Category-1 teams get "2 tickets in the hat", while Category-2 teams get "1 ticket in the hat". We will draw until all teams are picked. Teams will be placed as participants in the order picked, and once we run out of room in the participant slots, teams will go on the waiting list in the order they are picked.
      • There will be a second draw with all Category-3 teams. Those teams will be added at the end of the list in the order they are drawn.
    • Winning teams will appear on the Team Registration page at the date stated above.
    • The draw will keep going until every single team is drawn. Teams who do not win a participation slot will be placed in the waiting list slots in the order that they were drawn.

March 9th - March 12th 2020 23:59: Participating Team Drop-Out Period

    • Any team that won a participation slot may drop out of the tournament and have their registration fee reimbursed during this period.
    • For each team that drops out, the first team on the waiting list will be moved into that team's participation slot.

March 12th - March 16th 2020 23:59: Reimbursements

    • All teams that registered for Beast of the East but did not earn a participation slot are reimbursed their registration fee during this period.
    • Any team that drops off from a participation slot in this period or later may or may not be reimbursed their registration fee, at the discretion of the Beast Committee.

April 13th 2020 23:59: Roster Modification Deadline

    • No player can be added to a team's 20-player tournament roster after this date.
    • Stacking a team with players that are not normally on that team's roster will not be accepted at any time.
    • Players may only be on one team roster.
    • The team's game roster(s) can be modified throughout the whole tournament.
    • More information will be available on the Team Information page.

April 24th - April 26th 2020: Beast of the East!

    • Tournament games will officially start on Saturday early morning and end on Sunday evening.
    • Only optional events and optional meetings are planned on the Friday.