Basic Information

There's too many things called Beast of the East... So, what is this one anyways? This Beast of the East 2020... also known as Beast of the East XIII?

The Beast of the East 2020 is the thirteenth edition of a two-day roller derby tournament that features home teams. The teams playing are generally from Eastern Canada, but the tournament is opened to teams from anywhere.

I'm hooked! (That was quick...) When and where is the Beast of the East?

The Beast of the East tournament is being held in Montreal, Canada on April 24th to 26th, 2020 . As usual, we will start with an exhibition bout on Friday night, and have the tournament games from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. The game venue is back to the perennial Beast venue - Arena Saint-Louis, 5633 rue Saint-Dominique, Montreal, QC, Canada.

What is the tournament format?

The tournament will be, just like last year, played under a double-elimination format on the first day, and standard elimination on the second day. Every game will be a single period of 20 minutes, and the final games will be longer. A full schedule is available, with an additional exhibition game played on the Friday night!

Who can come?

As with all Montreal Roller Derby events, the event is all-inclusive; everyone can attend! The only restriction is that we generally do not allow young children to sit in the first rows right next to the track for safety reasons. The track-side seats are very close to the action and we want to keep our young fans safe and sound! Furthermore, our beloved canine friends are unfortunately not allowed in the arena unless they are certified assistance dogs.

Will there be food and drinks? Nom nom nom!

Yes! We will still have a snack bar providing food, drinks, and beer (18+). If you have more elaborate tastes, there are numerous great restaurants and stores in the area!

Tickets! Tickets! Get your fresh Tickets!

Tickets will be available soon.