Basic Information

1. There's too many things called Beast of the East... So, what is this one anyways? This Beast of the East 2018... also known as Beast of the East XI?
The Beast of the East 2018 is the eleventh (what! yes!) edition of a two-day roller derby tournament that features home teams. The teams playing are generally from Eastern Canada, but the tournament is opened to teams from anywhere.

2. I'm hooked! (That was quick...) When and where is the Beast of the East 2018?
The Beast of the East 2018 tournament is being held in Montreal, Canada on April 27th to 29th. As usual, we will start with an exhibition bout on Friday night, and have the tournament games from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. The game venue is the same as last year - Arena Mont Royal, 4365 Cartier St, Montreal QC, Canada

3. What is the tournament format?
The tournament will be, just like last year, played under a double-elimination format on the first day, and standard elimination on the second day. Every game will be a single period of 20 minutes, and the final games will be longer. A full schedule is available here.

4. Who can come?
As with all Montreal Roller Derby events, the event is all-inclusive; everyone can attend! The only restriction is that we generally do not allow young children to sit in the first rows for safety reasons. They're called the "Suicide Seats" - they are so close to the action that your friends may think you have a death wish!

5. Will there be food and drinks? Nom nom nom!
Yes! We will still have a snack bar providing food, drinks, and beer (18+). If you have more elaborate tastes, there are options in the area!

6. Tickets! Tickets! Get your fresh Tickets!
Please see the Montreal Roller Derby official website for ticket information. The tickets are not currently available there, but should be made so within four to six weeks of the event.

Participant Information

1. Tell us everything you can about your venue!! OMG what kind of wheels??!?
The venue is a hockey arena, and the floors are smooth concrete. Please keep in mind that the weather and temperature have a huge impact on the actual slipperiness of this kind of floor, so it is difficult for us to predict how the floor will react on a particular weekend.

2. I need a break; what else can I do around the arena?
There are tons of restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars in the district. If you get a chance, just go for a walk!

3. All of my family and their families want to come check out the game. Can they get in for free? Who gets in for free?
People working or playing at the tournament are the only ones who get in for free. This means that everyone who is getting in for free must either be a registered player, coach, official, or volunteer. The others will have to buy tickets to see you in action!

4. Hotels! I need a hotel!
We encourage you to look at google maps, air-bnb, and other lodging options. We may have a hotel deal, stay tuned.


1. Ahhhhh, man! You didn't answer my question with your silly information page!
Visit our event page on Facebook:
Or please 
use the contact form on the mtlrollerderby website!