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Team Information


THR (Tournament Head Referee): ZsaZsa KaPow
THNSO (Tournament Head NSO): Matante
CHRs (Crew Head Referees): To be announced
CHNSOs (Crew Head NSOs): To be announced

The THR will be off-skates and available during the whole tournament. Please do not hesitate to approach them with any questions or comments. The THR is there for this very reason, and they'll be glad to answer you!


Friday / Saturday Registration
Registration will be held at the entrance of the venue, on the Friday night (starting around 18h). Participants who can't make it on Friday will be able to register at the venue on Saturday, starting around 7h. Registered participants will be given an all-access bracelet that will be used on both Saturday and Sunday - don't throw it out! Those bracelets are required to access the locker rooms, the warm-up zone, and other restricted areas.

Friday Game
The Friday exhibition game (if any) is free to attend for all participants (registered skaters, coaches, officials, etc).

Friday Teams Meeting
The teams meeting will be Friday around 21h, which should be about 20-30 minutes after the exhibition game (if any). We will use one of the unused locker rooms. You can send whoever you want - team captains, coaches, or other delegates. For teams who fail to make it, please send someone to see the THR on Saturday before your first game for a summary.

Friday Officials Meeting (Team reps can attend if they want)
The officials meeting will be Friday around 21h30, which should be about an hour after the exhibition game (if any). We will use one of the unused locker rooms. Any official unable to make the meeting should email the THR in advance.

Sunday Night Party


Players who are not insured through WFTDA, RSC, CRDI, or USARS must pay a fee for the weekend. This does not grant them any insurance.


Team rosters should be composed of players who normally play with their team. If a team finds itself only being able to bring fewer than 11 such players to the tournament, they will be allowed to supplement their team with players to bring their roster up to 11 players. The team should contact Beast registration to explain the situation. Beast registration reserves the right to refuse certain players to be added, if they are deemed to be inappropriate replacements (particularly with regards of their skill level).

Players and bench staff may only be on the roster for a single team. The bench staff that are in the bench area during a game can be anyone with a player or staff bracelet - one of your four designated staff, one of your extra players, someone from another team, etc. Only the 15 rostered skaters can be in skating gear; all bench staff must be off-skates.

Team rosters will be here once they have been submitted and processed:

Players can be moved to and from game rosters during the whole tournament. There will be a table near the officiating room with a roster sheet for each team that has more than 15 players on their team roster. For each one of their games, the team will be able to make an 'X' besides the players that are being removed for that specific game - ie. those that won't be at the bench. Teams are allowed 15 rostered skaters and four staff members at their bench. A team's game roster must be turned in 2 hours before their game. The sheets should stay on the table. Rosters may be submitted by email as well - please look for a confirmation email before assuming it's in.

Trying to pass a skater as another skater by switching uniforms or any other similar abuse of the roster system will amount in a possible automatic forfeit of the game regardless of the actual final score. Other sanctions may also apply.


Game Length
First and third place games: 2 periods of 20 minutes, 5-minute halftime
All other games: 1 period of 20 minutes

Timeouts and Reviews
All games: 2 timeouts, normal review rules

Foul Outs
First and third place games: 5 turns in the penalty box
All other games: 4 turns in the penalty box


The warmup schedule will be available online before the event. A link will be posted here (TBA).

The warmup for a game starts exactly when the previous game starts. Each team gets 15 minutes in the warmup area, and the rest of the time is shared amongst the teams as they see fit.

On the document, the first team column is the "top slot" and the second is the "bottom slot". This refers to where the team's name appears on the game schedule - every game has a team placed on top, and one on the bottom.


An always up-to-date schedule with teams names and previous results will be posted just outside the officiating room. You may see other copies throughout the venue, especially near the locker rooms - they may not always be up-to-date.


There are 4 locker rooms that will be shared by 13 teams. While the sharing schedule and/or strategy is still being planned, there will be signs on the doors of the locker rooms to identify which room teams should use. Understandably, there is not enough room in the locker rooms to leave gear there between games. We will try to set up a location for gear to be left within the arena, and while we will try to keep it free from snoopers, we can't be held responsible for missing equipment.


Details coming.


There isn't a lot of parking in the area. Plan ahead!

Be careful, some parking areas are reserved to residents during certain times - the signs say "No Parking - Reserved to permit holders - Sector XX". This is only effective during the times mentioned on the sign.

It's a generally calm area, but we still don't recommend leaving any valuables visible.


Due to venue constraints, it will not be possible to provide free food this year.