Here are the important dates for registration as an official:
  • Wednesday February 15th 2017: Officiating registration opens.
  • Monday March 6th 2017 23:59: Officiating registration closes.
  • Tuesday March 28th 2017: The last letters of confirmation and rejection are sent. A first schedule is tentatively posted.
  • Thursday April 6th 2017 23:59: Last day for selected officials to gracefully withdraw from the tournament without a specific reason.
  • Saturday April 29th - Sunday April 30th 2017: Beast of the East! Note that there may be events on the Friday night, but selected officials are not required to attend them (beyond the meeting, as described below).

Officiating Meeting
The officiating meeting will probably be on Friday April 28th around 21h30 at the venue. We are also currently evaluating other options.

The tournament is set to run according to this schedule. The first game on the Saturday is at 8:00 and the last game on the Sunday should be done by 18:30.
There may be an exhibition game on the Friday night. While the application form will ask you for your Friday availability, the game staffing is left at the discretion of the Montreal Officiating Board and is not under the purview of the Beast of the East THR / THNSO.